A Professional’s Guide to Painting Cabinets

In almost every home, cabinets are the unspoken heroes, storing everything from dishware to paperwork, all while contributing to the overall aesthetic. It’s no surprise, then, that a fresh coat of paint on your interior cabinets can reboot the look of your entire home. But accomplishing this isn’t just about painting; it involves careful preparation, the right tools, and meticulous technique.

Prep is Most Important

Before diving in, preparation is essential. Remove all hardware and hinges to ensure you won’t paint over them, and label each piece so you know where to return them later. Clean the cabinet surfaces with a mild degreaser to remove kitchen grime, giving the paint a clean surface to adhere to. If the cabinets are shiny or laminate, a quick sanding with medium-grit sandpaper will help the paint bind better.

Painting Process

Next, the painting process begins. Start by applying a coat of primer to seal the surface and prepare it for the paint. This step is crucial, as it prevents dark colours or stains from seeping through the paint plus improves the paint’s adhesion, reducing peeling and chipping in the future.

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Now comes the fun part—the actual painting. Consider using a paintbrush for intricate details and a roller for larger, flat surfaces. Opt for semi-gloss paint as it’s more durable and easier to clean. Typically, two coats of paint are necessary for an even, polished finish, but remember, patience is key! Allow ample drying time between coats.


Finally, once the paint is completely dry (this may take up to a day or more), you can reassemble the cabinets. A nifty tip is to update your cabinets further by adding new hardware. Modern knobs or pulls can significantly refresh the entire cabinet look.

Painting your cabinets is not merely a way to mask outdated designs or scuffs, but it is also an opportunity to inject your personal style into your interiors. Cabinets take up a lot of visual space, so changing their colour can introduce new character and mood to the room.

Taking on a painting project like this can seem daunting, but the result can entirely reinvent your interior space. By preparing your cabinets, choosing the right paint, and applying it precisely, you can transform your cabinets into home décor. It’s an affordable and effective way to update the look of your home without a full remodel. And importantly, it is a project that balances creativity with practicality, making your space both beautiful and functional.


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