When you think of home renovations, the first thought is often how pricey it can be. Revamping your space doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are tons of way that this can be achieved. Van Isle Paint in Victoria, BC, has a couple tricks to update your home on a budget. Home should be somewhere you love and feel comfortable, so try out some of our home update tips and tricks!

Interior Doorknobs and Hinges

If you’re looking to modernize your home, a great way to start is by replacing hardware. Installing new and updated hardware to doors and cupboards is a perfect way to refresh your home on a budget. New hardware gives the look and feel of brand-new cupboards, though all you had to do was replace the outdated handles.

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Paint the Inside of your Front Door

If your front door is a direct backdrop or in the same room as your living room or dining room, this is a great opportunity to add an accent colour and some personality to refine the entryway!

Paint a Feature Wall

If you want to freshen up a specific room in your home, but don’t want to pay to have a whole room redone, think about a feature wall. A feature wall brings a modern and stylish look to any room. The bonus is you only have to pay to have one wall repainted, rather than a whole room.

Light Fixtures

A lot of older homes have very outdated lighting. The simplest way to add some spice to a room is by adding a unique light fixture. This often works best over the dining room table, kitchen island, seating area, or in the master bedroom. Consider this for another cheap and efficient way to update your space.


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