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How to Clean Painted Walls

Although painted walls don’t accumulate dirt the same way floors do, they will start to gather dust, grime, and stains over time. Particularly in high traffic areas. Plan to clean your painted walls at least once a year, doing so gently to ensure the finish of the paint isn’t damaged. Wall cleaning is just one part of keeping your home tidy, and it’s a big job.

Prepare to Clean

Before you start soaping up your sponges, make sure to get your home ready for this process. For starters, dust the walls you’ll be cleaning to remove any surface-level dirt. You can use a dusting cloth, a vacuum cleaner, or a rag.

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Cleaning Solution

The cleaner you will use will depend on the type of paint on your walls. Eggshell, matte, or flat finishes are slightly more delicate. Meaning they need a very mild cleaning solution. Try using a small amount of dye-free hand soap in warm water. Sem-gloss and glossy finished are a bit stronger. You can use cleaners with a degreasing agent, like a stronger type of dish soap. You can also try using a non-abrasive multipurpose cleaner on this type of paint. This cleaner will work on most latex paints. Oil based paints can take a slightly stronger cleanser. Similar to the glossy finished paint cleaner, but you can add in some stronger products as well.

Wash Gently

Use non-abrasive sponges and wring out the sponge so it’s only mildly damp before touching it to the wall. Too much water can create bubbling or watermarks. Start at the top of the wall and make your way down in small sections. Rinsing each area after it’s been cleaned. Scrub gently, applying very little pressure and working in circular motions. Be extra careful on surfaces that may easily scratch.


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