Paint Colours for Reducing Stress

The power of colours should not be underestimated. It has been recently proven that colour can have an impact on your emotions and mental health. It can even go as far as affecting physiological responses! So, why not pick a colour scheme for your home that encouraged relaxation? If you are unsure in which colours to do the painting, ask the professionals at Van Isle Paint. These are some colours we have chosen, that can help you create a relaxing environment in your own home.


Starting off with a crowd favourite. We’ve talking lots about the feelings that come with a blue painted room, specifically the bedroom. It is a very tranquilizing colour that can be used when painting the walls of the bedroom to improve sleep. Blue painted walls can even help you relax and calm your mind. You can also use blue with different undertones in the bathroom to create a relaxing atmosphere. When painting and decorating in blue, it also enhances concentration and communication, which makes it a perfect colour for improved socializing in the living room. If you chose to paint the walls in lighter blues, it can give the appearance of more spacious room.

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Soft Blush

We love this option because it’s much more unique and not seen quite as often as shades of blue. Pink is another colour that can help calm the mind and bring harmony to a room. Our painters and decorators recommend this colour as an alternative to red, as it is softer, takes less commitment and is easier to combine with other colours. If you decide painting your walls in a shade of blush or soft pink, do this in a room where there is plenty of natural light to make the most of the colour.


The use of greys with different undertones can really help set the mood for a room. You can easily combine it with other colours for a more sophisticated look. Grey is a relaxing, calming colour, that also acts as a stress relief. Different textures and materials will also help create a sense of balance and compliment the grey nicely.


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