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Creative Colour Combos for Blue

The colour blue has always been a very popular colour for decorating a home, mostly because it can hold its own in so many different design schemes and settings. Blue is also one of the most versatile colours for interior design. It’s a universal favourite because of its ability to suit every personality and every style. There are endless variations of the hue, whether you lean toward a cornflower blue, a rich navy, deep cobalt, or soft sky, there is a shade that will match the style of any room in your house. Now let’s explore what colours create a cohesive look with blue.

The coolness of blue often pairs well with other cool tones, like greys and purples. When two cool colours are paired together it brings a sense of calm and stability to a room. For a higher contrasted look, blue actually plays well with warmer colours as well. Introducing oranges and reds will create a much bolder look. Here are some colour combo examples:

Powder Blue and Rust

Add a rich colour like rust for a gorgeous and original flare to sky blue. Rust adds life to this sweet and pale shade of blue that we all love.

Midnight Blue and Black

A deep midnight blue, partnered with black and white, make for an edgy combo that’s ideal for a minimalist who is looking to put an eclectic spin on a simple colour pairing.

Stone Blue and Grey

If you’re looking to make a room feel more calm, this might be the colour palette for you. Blue and grey complement each other wonderfully. The key is to find two shades that provide enough contrast for one another to create a beautifully contrasted impact.

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Turquoise and Magenta

This colour combo is for the creative and fierce colour palette lover. Maximalist will love this pairing between turquoise and magenta that enhances a room and makes it feel bold.

Sky Blue and Olive Green

For the Traditionalist at heart. Sky blue and olive green is a classic 20th-Century colour combination. Explore this colour palette in your home to create a nature-inspired living space.


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