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Mid Century Modern Colour Palette

The Mid Century Modern style has become very popular in recent years. If you like clean lines, hairpin legged furniture, and bold colours, then you’ll love this unique and classy style. Here are some of the most popular colours in the Mid Century Modern colour palette that you can bring into your own home. You can bring these colours into your home through painted walls, furniture, or décor.

Bright & Bold Red

Mid Century Modern is such a great style of interior design, as it’s very classy and timeless, yet plays with lots of bold colours, red being one of them. Red may be intimidating to work with, but when paired with Mid Century Modern furnishing and décor, the red seems to fit right in. Bold shades of red look especially well when used in the living room or dining room.

Vintage Teal

Choosing a shade of paint like vintage teal brings balance and harmony. Vintage teal would be perfect for any space, but it’s best when used in a smaller space. When you choose an exciting and unique colour for a small space, it opens the space by adding depth. Try using this gorgeous shade in your powder room or laundry room.

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Olive Green

Pale and neutral shades of green work perfectly in a Mid Century Modern inspired home. When paired with rich teak furniture, it feels very natural and comfortable. A shade of olive green was made for a cozy and modern bedroom, bringing a sense of comfort to the room.

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Golden Yellow

Adding a shade of golden yellow is the easiest way to to bring sunshine to a room. To really embrace the Mid Century Modern style, try adding golden yellow to your kitchen. Your kitchen will feel welcoming, bright, and all your friends and family will want to gather around.


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