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Colour Guide: How to Decorate with Navy Blue

Known for its dramatic presence and classic, cozy look, navy blue is a very versatile hue that adapts to suit most colour schemes and decorating styles. Its dark tone complements bright colours and captures your attention. Navy blue can also be incorporated into plenty of different style of homes. It’s most popularily paired with a modern home, but can fit into rustic homes, traditonal homes, and more.

Van Isle Paint, a group of painters located in Victoria, BC, has some suggestions on how to style a navy blue colour scheme. Try some of these recommendations out for an updated and trendy looking home.

Navy Blue and Orange

For a complementary colour scheme, use a colour wheel. Blue’s opposite, being orange, brings a fiery warmth to balance the depth of the navy blue. If you’re looking to establish a bold, yet unique, colourful look, explore how orange compliments navy blue.

Navy Blue and White

White is a classic partner that sets off the deep hue and offers navy a brightening contrast. Imagine a kitchen with deep navy blue cupboards against crisp white walls. Or inky navy walls in your living room with white furniture, and breezy sheer curtains.

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Navy Blue and Neutrals

If you’re looking to make your space feel mor peaceful, look for natural, calming neutrals to pair with navy blue. Rich navy walls paired with some textured neutrals, like rattan furniture, or leather accents. Pairing the navy with textures and contrasted colours offers a beautiful and dynamic colour scheme.

Navy Blue and Gold

Gold being a brilliant complement to navy, bringing its radiant hue to help lighten up the dark navy blue colours and offer a sense of royalty. A large gold mirror on a navy blue wall will reflect light in the space and create a spacious affect.


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