A Journey Through Interior Paint Colours

The palette of interior paint colours is as vast as it is vibrant. Popular interior paint colours can be broadly categorized into neutrals like white, beige, and also grey, and earth tones; bolds such as red, blue, green, and black; and pastels: softer versions of the bolds and neutrals.


Neutral colours serve as the backbone of most interior colour schemes. Whites and beiges are often used for their versatility, their ability to enlarge small spaces, and their light-enhancing qualities. Grey, the chic middle-ground between white and black, is a modern favourite for its elegant neutrality.


Bold colours are daring choices that often convey the homeowner’s personality. Bright blues, vibrant reds and deep greens can add depth and vibrancy to a room, though they’re often used sparingly or offset with neutrals.


Pastels bring a softer touch with a whimsical charm that is both calming and charming. From gentle blues to blush pinks, pastels offer color without overwhelming the space.

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Remember, successful interior paint involves not just colour choices, but also the right finish, degree of sheen, and quality of the paint. For a fuller understanding and guidance, the second part of this blog will continue discussing tone combinations, colour psychology, and the latest trends.

Tone Combination

Tone combinations play a significant role in their overall impact. To achieve harmony, consider combining warm (red, orange, yellow) and cool tones (blue, green, purple). An established rule of thumb in interior design is the 60-30-10 rule, where 60% of the room is a dominant colour (usually neutral), 30% a secondary colour, and 10% an accent colour.

Colour Psychology

Delving into colour psychology, specific colours evoke different responses. Reds tend to increase energy levels, while blues are calming and soothing. Greens resonate with nature providing a restful mood, whereas yellows uplift and create a cheerful surroundings.

Current Trends

In terms of current trends, Scandinavian-inspired colour schemes with a simple and clean palette of whites, greys, and natural wood tones are quite popular. Additionally, dark hues such as navy blue or charcoal grey are being used more, instilling a sense of luxury and coziness in living rooms and bedrooms.

Lastly, let’s remember that the perfect interior colour scheme reflects personal preference. Paint swatches should always be tested since colours can change perceptibly under different light conditions. Choose a colour that feels right and makes you happy. After all, it is your space to personalize.

And there we have it: an overview of interior paint colours! From understanding the effects of different hues to the latest trends, the world of interior paint is a truly colourful one. Enjoy painting your world!


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