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Modern Colour Schemes

The modern colours and hues best suited to your house will often depend on the material of your exterior. For wood, neutral colours work best, especially with a warmer hue. For brick homes, there’s a lot of versatility, depending on your colour preferences. For a bold look, try a bright and vivid colour. If you like the more understated look, you may turn to whites or greys. What other factors can make a home suit your modern style?


Neutral shades have been a popular choice for the exterior of homes for a long time. This is because a house with grounded neutral tones is unlikely to become dated the constant evolution of trends. Neutrals pair well with a variety of of surrounding factors, such as the neighbouring homes and the environment. Try a neutral shade of brown, beige, grey, or ivory on your home to create a timeless look.

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Bold Neutrals

If beige is too boring for you, don’t worry, there’s some bolder options out there for you. Explore a bold black shade or a warmer charcoal. They’re bold, but also give you flexibility with your accent colours, if you choose to have them.


Trim options often have a little more flair. Though, they often remain grounded in the earthy colour scheme to maintain the sense of timelessness. Popular and modern trim options include charcoal or off-white. A bolder approach could look like blush, or terracotta, to break up the monochrome exterior.

Mid-Century Modern

Many homeowners are choosing to incorporate accents of mid-century modern, as it has lately been making a comeback. Adding a pop of colour to your front door, or a small accent like your street number, can make any home look mid-century and unique.

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Panel Siding

Panel siding is a perfect option for a modern look. This style of siding comes in long, wide sheets, which helps you use visual lines on your home more intentionally. With panel siding, you can choose the panels orientation, or even cut them into custom size for a unique look.


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