Paint Colours for Small Kitchens

We all know that the most-loved option for brightening any light-starved room is white, but what are some of the other options? You might think that choosing a paint colour for a small kitchen is all about playing it safe. However, too many clashing bright shades can make the space feel chaotic and cluttered. White-on-white might make a small kitchen feel cold and unwelcoming. Whether it’s a deep charcoal paint, a mix of pastels, or a light and bright neutral, small kitchen paint colours should be all about expressing personality. 

Calming Blue

Shades of blue help draw the eye outward. Blue is a calming and meditative colour, creating a luminous and empowering feeling in a room. From classic, dark navy, to turquoise, and everything in between. Consider adding a pop of your favourite shade of blue to your kitchen to open it up, while also adding in a flare of your personality.

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Explore Dark Shades

Surprisingly, a dark palette comes to life in a small space. This is your chance to play around with today’s trend for dark colours. This is a look we can’t see going anywhere soon!

Bold Accents

For an individual look, introduce a bold primary shade on a single piece of furniture or piece of decoration. The pop of colour against a pale or dark neutral will achieve a personalized look with very little effort.

Warm Whites

If you’re looking to achieve an open and airy vibe, paler shades are often the go-to paint colours for small kitchens to create this feeling. We suggest painting the walls and the ceiling the same warm shade to allow the space to visually expand.

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Sunny Yellow

Yellow is the perfect paint colour for small kitchens with large cabinetry. A powerful yellow hue will draw the eye down and keep the layout grounded. If you’re feeling brave, go all-out on matching yellow walls, too. Your yellow kitchen will be a happy one whatever the weather outside.

Go Green

From pale sage and mint to dark emerald and teal, these shades work incredibly well for small spaces. Green is naturally associated with nature, and is the perfect shade for bringing the outside in. The result is a calm, relaxing kitchen space with an inviting, fresh feeling.


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