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Painting and Decorating with Greige

When looking for a new shade of paint to refresh your home, the possibilities are endless. There are constantly new colours trending, making it every bit harder to narrow down the options. If you want a colour that never goes out of style, consider using a shade of grey for your walls. Grey is timeless. It’s the perfect neutral, modern, and inviting colour for any room. Even better than grey is beige-grey. This new shade of grey, some calling it “greige” is trending upward. This shade is really the best of both worlds, combining the cooler and more placid look of true grey with the warming nature of beige.


Greige is certainly not the most difficult colour to use in your home, but its application can take some getting used to. Using grey or beige independently is as easy as it gets, but marrying the two and striking a balance between cool and warm design schemes comes with a few challenges, but is so worth it in the end. This modern and eclectic, yet neutral shade softens any room with modern monochromes.

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Add Warmth

Greige is very susceptible to the influence of other colours. The shades and tones used near or next to it will dictate if it leans cooler or warmer. This winter, if you’re looking to create a warm and cozy ambiance to escape the cold outside, embrace the warmth in greige. You can do this by pairing your freshly painted greige walls with gold accents, such as a gold table lamp, a great choice for a bedroom.

Add Monochromes

Black and white is so often seen a complete design scheme without the introduction of a third complementary colour. Black and white on it’s own often looks a bit harsh. Adding greige to the black and white colour palette to soften, yet also add dimension.


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