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How to Decorate with Gold

Adding metallic décor to your home can be intimidating. Gold can actually pair perfectly with your furniture and fixtures, you just need to know how to incorporate it. See how shiny details can be a gorgeous addition to your favourite space. If you’re looking to add elegance and warmth to your space, we’re got you covered. If you are wondering where to start, there are many cost-effective ways to bring gold into your home. Whether you spray paint a side table, brush an antique mirror, or upgrade the bathroom fixtures, you’re on the right path. Continue reading to see all the best ways to use gold finishes in your home décor.

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Add Glamourous Lighting

The time has come to add a bold accent and daring gold fixtures that infuse the room with character. Shiny light fixtures add a chic pop of colour to a monochrome interior design. Focus on purposefully placing accent pieces around your place to deliver subtle glamour. Ambient lighting, such as lamps are also a good choice. Try finding a lampshade with gold lining on the shade for a cozy, golden glow. Or, try a DIY project at home and refresh an old lamp base with gold spray paint.

Enhance your Kitchen Hardware

You can also spread the golden mood to your kitchen. Your options are endless, including upgrading sink fixtures, to cabinet handles and knobs. It all comes down to your inspiration and willingness to experiment with unique shiny details. Even minimal gold touches dispersed throughout your kitchen will add the character needed. Try updating old, rusty knobs in a simple DIY project using metallic gold paint.

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Get Creative with Picture Frames

I’m sure you have numerous photos or pictures adorning your walls. Why not refurbish outdated frames or invest in new, gold-plated ones! Picture frames are one of the most straightforward ways to introduce gold finishes in your home. Besides being low-cost, this investment will give the place a sophisticated feel.


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