5 Ways to Add Colour to your Living Room

Regardless of budget, there are small and creative ways you can use colour to freshen up your space. These tips will make your home feel new and exciting! Read our favourite ways to breathe new life into a living room only by using colour.

Paint One Wall

Adding a punch of colour by accenting one wall of your living room with a coat of paint. Start with a baby step and paint a small wall to incorporate the colour, or choose a larger wall that will certainly get noticed. Pick a bold contrasting colour from fabric in your living room. You can also go for a subtle accent by painting the wall a similar shade to the rest of the walls, but just a tone darker.

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Toss in Some Pillows

Add a few bursts of colour with strategically placed and some well-chosen throw pillows. Pair floral or patterned pillows with plain furniture, and plain pillows with patterned or textured pieces. Or, mix and match patterns for a dazzling array of colour!

Spread Colour to your Feet

An area rug softens up a room and brings a certain coziness. A bold and well-placed area rug in front of a chair, or under the coffee table, adds colour and texture to the living space. For a more unique look, try layering an area rug on top of carpet. Or, simply, on top of hardwood floor for a simpler look.

Bold Art

One large and colourful piece of art placed in the living room introduces hues and shapes into a large area. You can get the same effect by grouping framed photos with colourful matting and bright frames.

Paint a Bookcase

Take a bland bookcase and use paint to make it into a work of art. There are multiple ways to approach this. You could paint each shelf a different colour, paint the interior and exterior contrasting colours, or just paint the back to add dimension. Use books with bright covers and items of décor to add another level to your bookcase.


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