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Colour of the Month: June

Well, here we are again! Another month has passed, and we’re getting closer and closer to Summer. As we welcome in the beautiful month of June, let’s introduce a new colour to add to your home. This colour is wonderful for Spring/Summer, and it has so many different shades to suit any style. June’s colour of the month is purple! Now, I know purple isn’t everyone’s favourite colour, or it may not seem like the easiest colour to incorporate into you home… But, let’s take a look at some unique shades of purple and some tips on how to introduce them to your space.


A rich shade of plum purple is such an elegant shade for decorating a traditional home. Plum walls pair perfectly with a room that has traditionally styled décor. For example, antique furniture, white and frilly pillows, and even some floral patterns. This bold shade of purple adds just the right amount of purple to a room while still staying classy!

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Choosing a lighter shade of purple is the most popular choice. Colours like lilac and lavender are so sweet and gentle, and they look beautiful on the walls! Adding lilac to a room with lots of natural light is recommended. The way the colour lights up in the sunlight is something that you’re going to want to see first-hand. Another good perk about this shade is it isn’t too feminine. It can be played down to fit a more neutral room with modern furniture, or you can embrace the femininity with stylish décor.


Mauve is another perfect example of a purple paint colour that isn’t too overwhelming. Because of the hints of brown in the shade, it looks gorgeous when paired with dark brown furniture. It’s really nice to see mauve in the kitchen when it’s painted on the walls next to some beautiful dark brown kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, it’s a very relaxing shade of purple that works perfectly in a bedroom to improve your mood and your sleep.


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