How to Achieve The Perfect Feature Wall

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner you will undoubtedly want to personalize your space at one point or another. No matter what your personal aesthetic is, an accent wall can be a great way to bring intrigue to your space without the cost or commitment of updating the entire room. Here are a few tips for creating a stunning accent wall.

Source Inspiration

Accent walls can be created in many ways with a variety of materials. If you are not sure where to start, consider creating a mood board. A mood board helps you brainstorm what you would like to use to create a space while also considering the furniture and décor you already have in that room. You can create a mood board by cutting out inspiration from popular home décor magazines.

Or you can also create a digital mood board by using popular inspiration websites like Pinterest. Creating a mood board before you start working on your accent wall can help you picture what the room will look like after it’s complete. This way you avoid costly mistakes if you realize that your design doesn’t fit into the space like you thought it would.

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Consider Materials

An accent wall can be created with different materials such as tile, wallpaper, or stone to add some texture to your wall. While using these types of materials can make your space truly unique, adding elements to walls are not always a choice for renters. Accent walls can also be created with wall art such as a picture gallery of your friends and family or a variety of collectible items that fit a specific theme.

Another great way to add an accent wall to any space, whether you’re renting or are a homeowner, is by painting an accent wall. You can purchase a great painting kit, pick out your colour and be done over a weekend. Renters can also paint a room back if they choose to move out without risking their security deposit.

An Accent Wall Can Also Turn into An Accent Ceiling

When most people think of accent walls, they undoubtedly think of the walls around them but not necessarily of the ceiling above them. Consider your ceiling a fifth wall and another way to create an accent wall. Open any trendy magazine and you’ll see a bold black ceiling and two-toned walls. By painting a wall, the same colour as the ceiling, you can create the illusion of height in your space.

Another popular accent ceiling choice is adding a wood accent which gives your room a luxurious feel and an illusion of length which can make your room feel a lot bigger than it is.

Pick the Right Accent Wall

The biggest wall is not always the right choice when considering which wall to make your accent wall. Consider where your eye naturally travels when you enter the room; it could be the natural choice as it’s already grabbing your attention.

Another consideration is the number of interruptions on that wall. Does your accent wall have a door or multiple windows? If your accent wall has little space for the actual feature, whether it’s paint or texture, the wall can look like it was left there by mistake. Alternatively, instead of looking intentional. Consider where all the elements of the room, such as furniture or a television are already facing.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your space with paint or other materials, the experts at Van Isle Paint can help you prep your space to create your unique accent wall or help you pick the right paint colour. Call our team today!


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