Home Updates to Improve your Mood

Bring the Outdoors in

Ever notice when you manage to get outside and spend some time in nature that you feel a bit more relaxed? That’s no coincidence. Nature has a calming effect on people and if you happen to live in an area without a lot of green spaces, you might be missing out on a natural dose of calming energy. But don’t worry, there’s an easy way to help bring some of that natural balance into your home… Just add plants! Houseplants can make your home feel a bit more like spring and summer, even in the heart of winter. They also add some instant colour to your space, in grounding earthy shades of green and brown. If you don’t happen to have a view of nature, placing plants near windows can help recreate that same feeling of looking out into a natural setting, even in the middle of a city. Adding some of these earthy, natural elements are a perfect way to bring happiness into your home.

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Use Mirrors to Expand the Space

If you happen to have a smaller room in your home, there’s a simple trick to make things feel bigger without having to knock down any walls. Just add a mirror. This is a classic visual trick that designers use all the time. A well placed mirror can also help bring some light into a space too. When choosing your mirror, make sure it’s the right size for your space. If you go too big, you could end up making the room feel smaller again.

Spring Cleaning

The simple act of tidying up around your home and getting organized can do wonders for your mental health. If starting the task feels overwhelming, don’t worry… You just need a plan. It’s best to take things one step at a time, or rather, one room at a time. Start with a smaller space to help you get in the tidying mood, and slowly work your way through each room in your home. 

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Use Paint to Freshen up the Space

Changing up the paint colours in your home can have a dramatic effect without a huge investment. When it comes to choosing the perfect colours for each room, consider how you want to feel when you’re in the space. For a relaxed vibe, calming paint colours like soft shades of blue and green will create that soothing energy you’re after. If you want your room to feel warm and cozy, pinks, soft peach, lavender tones, and creamy whites can give you that feeling of watching a gorgeous sunset. Read Van Isle Paint’s previous blog posts to read more about choosing paint colours for a specific room!


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