Paint Colours for Interior Doors

Adding a pop of colour to your interior door personalizes your space in a super economical way. Plus, paint protects and extends the lifetime of your doors. We’ve rounded up the shades that designers and people in the know recommend. Continue reading Van Isle Paint’s blog to see which colours and shades are perfect for your interior door!

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Though blue may seem a bit intense if you lean more toward neutrals, blue isn’t too far off from a neutral colour. Blue works well with every colour. Adding a pop of colour to you interior is uplifting, and there are tons of uplifting shades of blue to chose from. Unlike some other pops of colour, blue isn’t overwhelming, as it becomes a beautiful backdrop, just like in nature.


Black is the most popular interior door colour, second to white. Black doors are simultaneously timeless and an amazing statement. Additionally, black doors complement every style, including traditional, modern, maximalist, and farmhouse. As black often appears in elements throughout a home, such as in light fixtures and hardware, doors in the same color will feel cohesive. Also, black doors are an instant focal point and add an impression of height to a space, and from a practical perspective.


Neutral paint colours are justifiably a staple in decorating. The benefit of a neutral grey door is that it doesn’t compete for attention, allowing other elements in the space to be the focus. This is the perfect option for a home with a modern atmosphere. As white can often seem to simple, and perhaps black too intense, grey is the perfect shade to add a subtle pop to your space.


Green, slightly similar to blue, brings the outdoors in. Green has the most soothing effect on the human eye and is regarded as peaceful, balancing, and grounding. Yellow-green tones also convey freshness and growth, while rich emerald is considered luxurious. Try emerald doors anywhere in the home you’d like to communicate an elegant air, such as the entry, a library, or a dining room.


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