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Colour of the Month: April

As our blog mentioned yesterday, it is finally Spring. After a long winter, I think we are all excited that Spring is here, and the warmer months are right ahead of us. Let’s welcome the month of April with another wonderful colour. The colour of the month for April is yellow! Working with a bright, happy, and refreshing colour is no challenge. Let’s take a look at how you can add a pop of yellow to your home this April.

Yellow Walls & Wooden Furniture

Furniture made of wood, or basically any furniture that has earthy tones looks best with yellow walls. Painting a room yellow and decorating it with wooden furniture, especially of a darker shade of brown, will make your room well balanced. If you don’t have wooden furniture, that’s okay. You can try this style out with wooden picture frames to house your art on the wall. This will complement and enhance the yellow wall.

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Paint an Accent Wall

If you want to add a little excitement to your walls, you might want to try a delightful blend of yellow and another colour for your room. Yellow complements and works well with most colours, while giving out a different character with every colour combination. For instance, yellow alone may make you feel warm, but a blend of yellow and blue can make you feel energetic. If you are someone that prefers white walls, then yellow can add a little more character without making you feel like you experimented too much.

Layer Shades of Yellow

Try integrating different yellow tones, from soft pastel to deep mustard, to add dimension to the room. One of the reasons oceans are so mesmerizing is because the various shades of blue dance with one another. The same goes with other colours and works perfectly with shades of yellow.


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