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Colour of the Month: March

It’s March 1st already, can you believe it? Let’s welcome in the new month with a beautiful colour.  This month’s colour is green! The colour of life, energy, nature, and renewal. Nonetheless, green represent so many wonderful things, it is a lovely colour to incorporate into your home. There are so many different shades, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Van Isle Paint, a paint company based out of Victoria, BC, has some suggestions on how to include green into your home this March.

Mint Green

Starting off with mint green. A beautiful shade of green, very fitting for homes with a vintage or antique theme. This shade of green is a great option if you want to embrace the colour of the month, but you don’t want anything too overpowering! Also, try exploring mint green appliances for your kitchen, a throw pillow for the couch, too. Even so, paint a feature wall if you’re in love with the colour!

Mintgreen Scaled

Hunter Green

A bolder and darker shade of green. This is a valiant option and looks gorgeous in modern homes. This shade offers a sense of security to a home, it feels cozy and relaxing. Lastly, try incorporating hunter green into your living room or bedroom, somewhere you can relax.


Sage Green

A lighter and more calming shade to consider would be sage green. Sage green is a perfect shade for the warmer months. Specifically, sage green has a very welcoming and light feeing to it. It looks beautiful when paired with other light colours and flowy textures. Sage green is also a much more approachable shade of green for homes with a neutral colour palette.   

Sagegreen2 Scaled

For more interior design tips and tricks, read our other blog posts. Van Isle Paint posts a daily blog for interior and exterior house painting. Also, stay tuned to discover April’s colour of the month.


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