Warm and Welcoming Entrance Way

When painting the interior of our homes, it’s all too easy to forget the entryway; after all, we don’t often spend much time in this small or narrow room. An entryway colour scheme should set the tone for the rest of your home. Adding a fresh coat of paint in a new exciting colour is an easy way to make your entrance way more inviting. These stylish, design forward entrance way ideas will bring the wow-factor to this often overlooked space.

Choose a Colour that Works Well with Neighbouring Rooms

When there are clear views from a hallway into adjacent rooms, think carefully about your choice of colours. We want to ensure that the eye is drawn naturally from one space to the next. This is a great opportunity to select a colour that will create a contrast between rooms, and an excellent way to make a memorable introduction to the home.

Statement Wallpaper

Accent walls are one of the most popular leading trends in interior design. It’s a classic decorating technique which draws the eye to a specific area. Striking, elegant, and confident, a black and white theme for an entrance way is perfect for a modern home. Find your favourite black and white pattern or design, and create a beautiful and unique feature wall in your home’s entrance.

Bright Pop

Entryways can often be an overlooked area of the home, seen mainly as a space to pass through, and yet gives the very first impression. A simple way to ensure this area doesn’t feel dull, add a pop of your favourite colour. Adding personality to a room is the number one way to make it feel like home. Try this, and your entrance way is guaranteed to feel more inviting than before.

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Add Light

Sometimes entrance ways and mud rooms can feel a bit dark and dull. To brighten up these areas, incorporate some pops of white or yellow. White walls will certainly bring a brightness to the room. Yellow is a very fun and exciting way to introduce light to a room, as it produces a sense of happiness.


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