Best Paint Colours for Small Rooms

If you’re lacking square footage in your bedroom, den, office space, or anywhere else in your home, you probably feel like you need to do what you can to make the space feel larger. There are certainly some tricks to consider to assist in making a small room feel more spacious, like paint colours. Let’s explore some recommendations from Van Isle Paint, a painting company based out of Victoria, BC.

Crisp White

A crowd favourite, and the easiest way to transform a small room. The reason white paint is so popular is that it reflects light and makes the walls subside, ultimately making a small space feel much larger.


Though it may not seem like the best colour for a small room, choosing a bright colour is a great option. Imagine a large room painted a bright colour, it may feel overwhelming. Whereas limiting the same colour to a smaller space or entryway, you still get a pop of colour without that overwhelming feeling. Try a different bright colour if purple doesn’t suit your home!

Pearl Grey

Grey colours fluctuate with the shadows and time of day. It’s always intriguing and looks sophisticated and unique, more than a simple white backdrop.

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Sage Green

Choose a neutral colour with natural green undertones in a small space that gets plenty of daylight. Pair the sage green with textured décor or some floral pattern to complement the greenery outside and make it feel like a natural extension of the view beyond.

Soft Blonde

A soft blonde or golden colour will add warmth to any small space. Pair it with nature-inspired, minimalist decor and eye-catching artwork.

Glossy Black

Painting a room with minimal space, a glossy paint reflects tons of light, giving the room a much bigger feel. Try hanging a large mirror on the wall to pair with the shiny walls, this gives the illussion that the room is much more spacious. This trick is best suited for a small bathroom.


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