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How to Add Contrast to your Interior

You’re looking to create an intriguing and engaging interior. You want something to amaze your guests or clients and have them admire it like no other space they’ve seen or visited. Create an impact by introducing contrast into your environment and enhance an area which will look unique and sophisticated at the same time. Automatically, it will increase the visual interest of your home or business.

Play with Shapes

We see many interiors favour one style over the other. Softer and more feminine interiors will focus on curved forms, soft edges and rounded elements while others will only consistently use sharp angles and strong geometric patterns and shapes. This usually is followed by different styles and design of the interior. Now, with a right balance of rounded furniture against sharp architectural detail, you find that distinct factor which will catch your eye and unconsciously make you analyse the surroundings.

Contrasting Colours

You can create a complementary contrast starting with two colours, or if you feel a bit more adventurous, you may also add in a third colour. Our painters and decorators suggest to keep one colour focus on walls or as a base. The other is used as an accent and balance with furniture and accessories. This way, you create an inviting interior through painting and decorating, which doesn’t become too overbearing. If you’re someone who is a bit more minimalistic and likes a classy look, black and white works too! 

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Add Feeling with Texture

The texture is that visual dimension and dynamic when it comes to the interior. As well as a touching, it stimulates the eyes due to the mixing of different surfaces, materials and pattern. Our painters and decorators believe this can be the most exciting and fun factor of contrast within the space. You can explore accessories such as curtains, cushions, throws, and finishes, as you decide between rough and soft, shiny or matte and smooth of fuzzy.


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