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Best Colours to Paint your Bathroom

Any accomplished designer will tell you that paint can transform the look of an interior. So it stands to reason that the same goes for your bathroom. Whether you’ve been longing for a serene, spa-like atmosphere or a personality-packed design scheme, paint is the key ingredient that can help you get there. And regardless of your aesthetic, finding the perfect paint colour is crucial.

Van Isle Paint in Victoria, BC, has some suggestions for you if you’re trying to identify the perfect colour for your bathroom. Take a look:

Cool Grey

Cool Grey: Grey can complement both cool and warm colours, like blue or yellow. And it won’t show any dirt. Of course, the perfect shade depends on your lighting, so make sure to try several swatches on site.

Deeper Grey

Deeper Grey: When painting a deeper grey, pair with light-coloured tile, trim, and floors to brighten the room. Or paint an accent wall in white!

Powder Blue

Powder Blue: What better shade for your powder room than a nice powder blue? For a great tone, try Cloverdale’s Cool Sky. If choosing a colour a tad darker than sky blue, pair this shade with light-coloured furnishings or flooring to keep the walls from seeming to close in.

Bluebathroom Scaled

Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green: Speaking of blue, you’ll think you’re at the seaside with just the right shade of bluish green on your bathroom walls. Choose a pastel shade to keep the relaxing vibe rolling in like the waves on the sand.


Butterscotch: The warmth of this butterscotch pigment is soothing, while complementing vintage décor, gold accents, and the pop of bright colours.

Delicate Beige

Delicate Beige: A nice beige is the perfect colour for enlarging a small bathroom, and also imparts an open, airy look to a large room.


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