Simple Preparation Steps

Before you tackle and interior paint project, take a moment to walk through the steps in your head. Identify any potential problems and create a plan to eliminate anything from effecting the job. Ten minutes of forethought can save you hours of frustration when you’re in the thick of things. As you put together your painting project plan, take note of key items to create a working checklist. This list will be a useful tool during the project.

Furniture Protection

Unless you’re working in a vacant room, you’ll most likely have some furniture to move out of the way at some point of the interior paint process. Skipping this step risks damaging the furniture. Or, painting around furniture, can make things tricky when you decide to redecorate, and you discover the rough outline of a dresser or headboard. Move items away from the wall into the centre of the room, or out of the room entirely. Cover the furniture with painters’ plastic or drop sheets. Identify the furniture most vulnerable to paint damage, like an upholstered couch, and take special care of them.

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Wall Plate Removal

Once the furniture has been pulled away from the walls, you’ll be able to better see all the light switch and outlet covers. Remove these prior to painting, as well as any vent covers. Why is this step important? While you can certainly choose to paint over or around these items, the visual separation between the wall and the cover plates will be blurred. Also, if you need to remove an outlet cover in the future, a paint covered outlet can lead to tearing and pulling loose the paint.

Surface Cleaning

It’s important to remove any foreign substance that’s on the surface you want to paint. If you skip this step, the paint won’t adhere properly to the surface and will likely peel off. Luckily, cleaning the surface is one of the simplest preparation steps. Dry debris can easily be wiped off with a rag or dusting tool, while tackier material will need to be washed off with soap or water. Be sure to go over any surface you plan to paint!

Floor Coverings

Lay out floor coverings over the areas you’ll be preparing for paint. If you’re painting a wall, it’s a good idea to provide floor covering for at least 3 feet away from the wall, just to be cautious. When painting a ceiling, cover the entire floor. Canvas drop clothes are the absolute best for cover carpet. They’re easy to spread out and they stay put without tape.

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