Prepping your Space: Essential Steps Before Painting your Interior

Preparation is the first and perhaps the most critical step in any painting project. Proper prep work ensures you get the smooth, professional results you’re after. In this blog, we’ll take you through the essential steps for preparing your interior walls for painting.

Step 1: Room Preparation

Before you pick up a brush, start where the action isn’t – the rest of the room. Remove as much furniture as possible. If some pieces can’t be moved, cover them with plastic or drop cloths. Frogtape can hold down the covers and protect your belongings from paint spatters. Do not neglect the floor, either. A canvas drop cloth is a valuable ally against splashes.

Step 2: Wall Inspection

The key to a flawless finish is a smooth canvas. That means checking your walls for defects. Peeling wallpaper, dust, and stains should be removed. Check also for holes, cracks, and dents. Small imperfections can be easily corrected with spackling compounds, which are available at your local hardware store. After applying the compound, make sure to sand it down so that it is level with the wall surface.

Step 3: Cleaning

Next, clean the walls. This step is often overlooked but entirely necessary. Dirt or dust might mix with your paint, leading to a lumpy look that is as unattractive as it sounds. Furthermore, clean walls make paint adhesion much more effective. A simple solution of warm water and mild soap will suffice; remember to let the walls dry completely afterward.

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Step 4: Priming

Priming is crucial, particularly if you’re painting over darker colours, patchwork, or unpainted surfaces. A primer ensures that the paint will not soak into your walls and provides a neutral surface that will allow your paint colour to shine true. It also improves paint adhesion, reducing blistering and peeling.

Step 5: Taping

Finally, apply painter’s tape along trim, ceilings, and adjoining walls, or anywhere else you want a clean paint line. Frogtape is specifically designed to seal out paint bleed, so you get sharp lines every time. When applying, check the seal along the edge to ensure it’s tight and prevent any paint from sneaking underneath.

In conclusion, rushing straight into a paint job may seem tempting, but taking the time to prep your interior walls correctly will pay off in the end. Remember, a little due diligence will help you achieve those Pinterest-worthy rooms you’ve been dreaming about. Happy painting!


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