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Mood Boosting Paint Colours Perfect for Winter Time

Seeing certain colours throughout your day can brighten your mood, and the same can be said for certain paint hues in your home. Choosing a particular upbeat colour for your walls will ensure your home brings you joy each day. Typically, yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks are known to bring positivity to a space. Some shades of purple and green can also produce a positive feeling in a room, and they are great for decorating a space. If you’re looking to add some cheer to your home this winter, try out some of these colours.


Green is a perfect colour to incorporate into your bedroom. It’s been proven to ease anxiety and create a calming atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. Shades of green have always been seen as a positive colour because of it’s association with nature. Anything from sage to forest green will help transform your room into a safe space that will boost your mood.

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Another shade that many associate with nature, bringing positivity to most everyone’s day. Blue is known for it’s amazing ability to comfort and inspire people. It is also associated with calm and serenity, helping your mind and body relax and feel at ease. You can choose lighter shades to reflect blue summer skies, or a moodier, darker shade to bring positivity to the room while also giving off an edgier feeling. We recommend testing swatches before committing to a colour to ensure it’s the perfect shade for your home.


This warm and happy hue is great for boosting your mood and creating an inviting space. Because it holds both yellow and red tones, orange personifies energy and positivity, channeling the best of each colour. There are so many shades or orange, and it’s best to pick one that won’t feel overpowering or make the room feel smaller. Choosing a lighter shade of orange can really help open up the space and compliment any natural light coming in.


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