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Bedroom Paint Colours to Help you Relax

Who doesn’t love a room that makes you feel cozy and relaxed? The bedroom is the best room to provide a feeling of ease. Importantly, there are many ways to create a room with a welcoming and calming feel. For example, comfortable furniture, or neutral paint colours, which we will get into.

If a neutral colour palette is what you’re after, check out our blog post Neutral Colour Palettes for your Home.

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Snowbound, Sherwin Williams  SW 7004

Snowbound, Sherwin Williams  SW 7004. This paint colour is a warm and beigey white that brings just the right amount of light to a room. In addition to this, it creates an airy feeling in the room and creates a sense of security and comfort.

Repose Gray, Sherwin Williams SW 7015

Repose Gray, Sherwin Williams SW 7015. A perfect paint colour if you want a neutral colour, but don’t want a shade of white. Also, it pairs beautifully with white trim and creates a desirable contrast, while still feeling very clean and comfortable.

City Loft, Sherwin Williams SW 7631

City Loft, Sherwin Williams SW 7631. Furthermore, this City Loft by Sherwin Williams is truly the best shade of beige. Beige is often overlooked, and it can be challenging to identify a shade that isn’t too brown. This shade is a very faint version of beige, it’s almost closer to white, but has a depth to it that isn’t present in a true white.

Alabaster, Sherwin Williams SW 7008

Alabaster, Sherwin Williams SW 7008. Alternatively, try Alabaster from Sherwin Williams. Another gorgeous neutral paint colour to bring a sense of coziness to a room. It has a creamy white tone that feels fresh and modern, and also pairs well with a crisp white trim, too.

Nonetheless, if none of these shades feels like the right match for you, at Van Isle Paint in Victoria BC, we are happy to offer suggestions and assist you in the process of finding the perfect paint colour for your home.


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