The Importance of Exterior Preparation

Now is a great time to boost your Victoria, BC, home or business’s curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint. The warmer, less precipitous months are ideal for many types of business upkeep. Especially for exterior painting. Springtime into early Summer is the perfect season to schedule your home or business for an exterior paint job.

What most people may not know is how much work a painting professional puts into prepping before any paint ever hits the brush. If your building’s exterior surfaces are well-prepped, the result will be a beautiful, long-lasting exterior paint job.

Here are the essential steps our painters at Van Isle Paint in Victoria, BC, focuses on. You’ll enjoy the excellent results for years to come.

Plan Ahead

There is a lot of essential planning to consider before getting started on your exterior project. The first is planning the painting schedule for days and times of the day when the weather permits.

Rain or high wind can shorten how much painting can get done in a day. Paint must be applied under non-precipitous conditions. It also requires sufficiently dry conditions for dry-time.

We also take into consideration which days may have unusually high humidity. We either compensate for the conditions or avoid painting during these times. Both latex and oil-based paints need specific amounts of time to set and dry. Any unexpected weather can disrupt the drying process.

Lastly, we plan the best spots to set up ladders or lifts safely. The way ladders and lifts are set-up depends on many factors. Including how much space is between your building and your neighbour’s building. Either way, our professional painters will ensure that the ladders or scaffolding will be placed in a convenient, and most importantly, safe place.

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Clean the Exterior

Once the planning is done, it’s time to start cleaning. One of the best ways to clean a building’s exterior is to pressure wash it. Our goal is to remove any dirt, loose paint, and mildew. We do this before moving on to the next step of preparing your building for exterior painting.

Scrape and Sand Loose Paint

Once your building is clean and dry, we inspect the exterior for any loose paint. Our team uses tools that will loosen and remove any paint that is not secure or ready to come off.

Windows May Need Work

Old or dried caulk around your windows can begin to crack and cause leaks. One indicator of this is condensation inside windows. Areas that we will inspect are your doors, trim, windowsills, and other previously caulked areas that will likely need to be re-caulked.

Prepping to Paint

Once we’ve made all the necessary repairs, the area around your paint project will need to be prepped for paint to protect other areas of your building and landscaping. Using drop cloth, tape, and other professional materials, we will protect any plants, lights, signs, and anything else surrounding or near your building’s exterior. For interior, belongings will be removed from the walls, moved to the centre of the room, and covered by drop sheets.

Prime Time

Using a paint primer, we will go over any exposed wood or spots where repairs have been made to your siding or other surfaces. While primer is not always required, primer can help paint adhere to surfaces, cover better, and last longer. Using primer also makes the colour look more uniform, especially darker paint colours.

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At Van Isle Paint, we always plan out which parts of the house or building to paint during the day so that fresh paint isn’t in direct sunlight, as much as possible. Starting from the top and working towards the ground, we paint your siding going along with the grain. Brushes and rollers specific to your choice of paint and building material will need to be used to ensure that the paint is applied as evenly as possible. Once the sides are complete, we address painting windows and trim, taking care to seal your windowpanes without letting them stick. Lastly, we paint your foundation as necessary.

For any additional information on exterior or interior preparation, please reach out to us at Van Isle Paint, Victoria BC’s best painters. We would be happy to go into detail about how we ensure to take the very best care of your home.


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