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Neutral Colour Palettes for your Home

A Neutral Colour Pallete is key in minimalist designs—after all, it’s hard to feel relaxed in a room that feels busy and overstimulating. A neutral colour palette works well for creating a cozy atmosphere, as it takes the focus away from the walls and really lets the items in the room do the talking. It’s all about highlighting different textures, shapes, and unique objects. Keeping your walls neutral will let you focus on your favourite pieces and bring in subtle hints of colour through objects rather than bold statement walls. Van Isle Paint, a group of experienced painters in Victoria, BC, suggests these colours and shades to make your space feel cozier:


Cream: A glowy paint colour to brighten, yet bring a calming feel to the room. This soft colour allows you to bring some fun accents to the room with navy blue or hunter green décor.


Mauve: The perfect colour to turn your living space into a peaceful cocoon. Try bringing in ivory, grey, eggplant, or chocolate to add some contrast to your soft mauve walls.

Neutral Blue

Neutral Blue: This cozy blue is the ideal colour for a beachside home, and compliments greenery or an ocean view perfectly. The colour is so quiet, it blends right in with the outdoors.



Lilac: This faint tone of purple pairs excellently with a strong, deep colour like charcoal, or navy blue, making your space feel cozy yet modern.


Charcoal: Find the ultimate shade of dark grey that is moody, but not too overwhelming. A warm grey-blue has a relaxing feel, and is best suited for the bedroom.


Taupe: A great shade for a cozy living room. It’s a welcoming colour that eases you into the space and makes you feel at home.



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