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Upcoming Interior Paint Colour Trends

Calming Neutrals

The clean look of white walls remains a popular choice for those hesitant to add colour to their space. Shades of white promotes relaxation and creates a sense of calm, which is exactly what a lot of us are looking for inside our homes. Selecting a warm off-white shade makes for a very versatile option for those looking to use one colour throughout the home.

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Relaxing Beige

Choose a simple and relaxing colour like a shade of beige for you interior or exterior walls. The colour is a natural choice for those looking for a warm and joyful neutral in both interiors and exteriors. Shades of beige brings warmth into a room with a subtle undertone, making your neutral furniture really pop. Add a touch of terracotta to your home to bring out the warmth in the beige walls.

Cheerful Blush

A slightly more upbeat shade might be perfect for your home! Choosing a sweet shade of blush makes a statement wherever you use it. If you’re looking to add some subtle changes to your home, consider painting your walls a gentle, yet bold shade of blush. This colour makes for the perfect transformation without being too overbearing.

Rich Red

Using a rich shade of red for your walls adds a sense of elegance and depth to your home. A beautiful shade of red pairs wonderfully with patterned wallpaper, or a vintage floral rug. Incorporate lots of textures and patterns with the rich red walls to really enhance the colour.

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Rustic Grey

For those looking for a timeless colour that won’t go out of style for years, a rustic grey is charming neutral that always looks fresh. A medium-toned grey works well in high-traffic foyers, on an accent wall, or used to fresh old kitchen cabinets. It compliments warm and cooler tones in busy rooms.


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