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Creative Focal Point Ideas for your Living Room

The focal point is one of the most fundamental elements in designing a living room. Simply, it’s the star of the room. It’s the first-place viewers’ eyes should land when they enter the space, and it’s the emphasis point around which you design the rest of the room.

The focal point of the room is often a flashy piece of furniture, or a unique piece of art placed right above the couch to catch your attention. There are some alternative ways that Van Isle Paint, a group of painters in Vicoria, BC, suggests if you want to take a different approach on the room’s focal points, let’s explore those options.

Grouping Furniture Around a Window

The window is often thought of as the room’s primary anchor. Placing your furniture around the living room’s window is a great way to add another dynamic to the room. Even placing a textured armchair, a funky lamp, or a bookcase next to the window creates a beautiful layer to the room.

Dramatic Red Brick Walls

White walls with one feature wall of deep red-coloured bricks makes the brick stand out and creates a dramatic affect to the living room. Include some gold accents, like an antique mirror added to the brick feature will help draw the eye to the stylish seating area.

Brick Scaled

Paint a Black Feature Wall

Your eyes can’t help but to be drawn to a jet-black wall. Feature walls are always a great option when considering the focal point of the room. Take it to the next level with a deep, dark colour. Accent the walls with light-coloured decorations. Try some light, flowy curtains for the window, sheepskin pillows or rugs, or some artwork with gorgeous white frames.

Create a Gallery Wall

The trick to a gallery wall is making it visible from the living room’s main entrance. Gallery walls are the perfect way to bring some style and personality to the room. Feature your favourite family shot, a portrait of the pet, or any other art that brings some character to the room.

Gallerywall Scaled

Replace your Light Fixtures

The secret to using a light fixture as the room’s focal point is the size. A small light fixture won’t draw attention. Try a mid-century inspired chandelier to catch everyone’s eye.

Play with Patterned Wallpaper or Tiles

For a modern feel, try a patterned tile as an accent to the room. Alternatively, a patterned wallpaper applied to your living room walls puts a lively spin on a modern focal point.

Place a Potted Tree Next to the Window

A large potted tree or a collection of smaller plants makes an attractive focal point. Consider how much light you get from the window before deciding on a potted plant, or you can go the alternative way and find the perfect faux-plant and remove the added stress of keeping your new focal point healthy.

Plants Scaled


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