Heritage Painting in Victoria, BC

Van Isle Paint restores Heritage home’s and building’s while retaining it’s history.

Van Isle Paint is here to deliver a quality painting service to our clients. We ensure the heritage property maintains its history and style. Your unique space is safe in our hands! Our painters will provide the highest quality of materials and tools for long-lasting results.

Painting Heritage Properties in Victoria, BC

Our experienced team will handle your heritage property in secure hands and deliver the quality finish you were looking for. Owning a heritage home on Vancouver Island often requires a higher level of maintenance, care and attention. As Vancouver Island painters, we understand that when it comes to painting and restoring a heritage home, attention to detail is essential.

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Maintaining the Original Finish

As you study the history of your building, you will want to learn what type of paint finish was originally used. This is extremely important if you are sincere about painting or restoring your building to its original glory. The original finish that was used will have an impact on the overall décor and beauty of the finished project. To make sure your building is historically accurate, the original finish and colour scheme are essential factors that should be thoroughly researched and applied throughout your project. This is usually a very difficult task for those that don’t have a skillset for commercial painting, whereas, a professional commercial painter can handle the task with ease. 

We can handle everything from wood replacement, while still maintaining the original character and design of the original house. We’ve worked on projects with the Victoria Heritage Foundation, enhancing the beauty of heritage buildings, while keeping the character that makes heritage buildings loveable. Do you have a heritage home that requires expert care and painting? If so, be sure to take a look at our services and see how we can help you keep your historical home beautiful for many more years.


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