Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Colours for your Home

While the interior colours you choose often reflect your personality, exterior paint colours need to not only speak to your sense of style, but also blend in with the other houses on the street. There are lots of factors to be considered when choosing the exterior paint colour for your home. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly! So, let’s walk through the decision process together.

Unlike interior paints, exterior paints must be able to withstand throughout the weather in all four seasons. The paint colour you choose should look good, while most importantly, protecting the exterior of your home. Exterior paint should protect your home from temperature variations, moisture, and fading.

Work with the Architectural Style

The paint colour you choose should also work well with the character of your home. It’s important for the paint to highlight all the beautiful features of your home. Modern homes often look good with one or two colours, whereas more traditional homes with column and moulding features, should use more colours to bring out the beauty of each architectural element.

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Choose your Colour Palette

1. Pay Attention to Detail

If your home has lots of detail, like ornamental windows brackets, you could choose to paint them a similar colour than the rest of the home. Painting them the same colour could take away the unique character of them and make them blend in.

2. Light and Dark Exterior Paint Colours

When in doubt, remember that light colours make a building appear larger, while darker colours can constrict spaces. It’s a popular style to accentuate shadows with a darker paint colour, and paint trim and mouldings a slightly darker shade to give the home a larger feeling!

3. Environment

Take a look around you, and see what colours are commonly used in the neighbourhood. Do you want to blend in or do you want to stand out? While you can always take ideas from the home next door, you can also make changes that enhance your personality! The choice is yours to stand out, blend in, or contrast with the colours of the neighbourhood.


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