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New Years Interior Painting Special

Does the interior of your home need a refresh? It’s crazy what a few coats of fresh paint can do to a space. Victoria BC’s professional painters, Van Isle Paint, is now booking estimates for this interior season.

Free Estimates

Van Isle Paint offers free on-site estimates for interior and exterior projects. If you’re in need of some interior painting this season, Van Isle Paint’s contact information is at the bottom of this blog post! Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation online or over the phone. We’ll view your home and give you a personalized detailed proposal including price and schedule. If you like what you hear, Van Isle Paint will schedule you a tentative start date for your project. With Van Isle Paint’s friendly and professional painters, a quality paint job within schedule and on time is guaranteed.

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Interior Painting

Our painters at Van Isle Paint specialize in interior painting. From brightening up a living room to a complete colour change, a fresh coat of paint can have a huge impact on your home’s interior. Forget days or weeks of disruption as you attempt a DIY, with speed and precision, Van Isle Paint can get the job done like no other.


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