On the hunt for some gorgeous neutral bedroom ideas? From lovely linens and warm woods, to whimsical window treatments, a neutral bedroom design is timeless. As we’re on our way out of summer, now is the time to prepare ourselves for the cool season by creating a cozy atmosphere. Soothing neutrals, such as crisp white and soft grey create a pleasing palette that’s both fresh and relaxing. For year round comfort, colourful, sumptuous rugs and cozy throws and blankets can be introduced and light curtains swapped for heavier drapes in the cooler months.

Embrace Beige

Whether you decide to decorate the room with beige accents, or you want to go all in and paint the walls a shade of beige, beige is an important neutral to incorporate into a cozy bedroom. If you want to incorporate a hint of beige, consider using linen drapes or bedsheets for a nice subtle touch of beige, while also bringing in a beautiful texture… Which brings me to my next point…


Brining in some texture to a room is a great way to make a room feel natural and relaxing. Textures like linen, wicker, rattan, or jute are all excellent textures that match the vibe of a neutral room perfectly. Mixing different coloured linens is enough to add some colour and interest to the space while still keeping things calm. Just a tip… Don’t be afraid of texture. Try mixing different materials and textures together. This will create the ultimate cozy vibe.

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Soft Grey

By choosing a soft grey palette, you instantly create a modern feeling, while staying cozy and inviting. Consider grey walls, grey wood floors, or lots of interesting grey décor to achieve this modern chic look. An accent rug, velvet accent cushions, wool throw, and a few wood pieces help to make a cozy and textured space.


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