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Van Isle Paint’s Safety Tips

A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to freshen up a home’s exterior or interior. However, painting also comes with various risks, including possible falls from an elevated platform, exposure to electricity, and proximity to combustible materials among others. If inhaled, paint can cause respiratory tract and digestive system illnesses, as well as possible skin irritation. Therefore, when painting, is extremely important to do safety measures to protect yourself.

Safe Painting Products

A wide variety of elements are used in paints. It is your duty to find out which paints contain which chemicals and picking the safest product. Start by reading and following the safety recommendations mentioned in the Technical Data Sheet. Additionally, request a Safety Data Sheet for each product from the manufacture or paint supplier. This will outline the possible hazards of a product while detailing how to handle the product, precautions, storage guidelines, and also emergency procedures.

Ladder Safety

To avoid unsafe situations, start by bringing the right ladder for the job. Your ladder should be balanced and strong enough to support your weight. Inspect it for cracks before you begin climbing. When setting up the ladder, check to ensure it is sitting firmly. If one is foot lower than the other, build up the surface with a firm piece of material. The ladder needs to lean on a solid surface. Check the angel of incline to ensure that it’s safe. We recommend positioning the ladder about one foot away from the wall. It’s important for the steps of the ladder to be cleaned from grease, mud, or any other slippery material.

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Wear a Vapor Respirator

For safety against VOCs, you’ll need a respirator that can be outfitted with organic vapor cartridges. Anytime you’re working with products like spray paint, stain-sealers, or other strongly scented products, wear an organic vapor respirator. If you’re unsure, check the label to see if a vapor respirator is recommended.


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