How to Tell When it’s Time to Paint your Home’s Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home is one of the best and easiest ways to give your home a makeover. Paint can transform your home, make it look younger, and ultimately protect your home from potential damage if your paint is failing. Van Isle Paint in Victoria, BC, has a few ways to identify if your home is ready for some fresh paint:

Wear and Tear

Check your home for physical signs of wear and tear. If your home hasn’t been painted in 5+ years, it’s normal to notice some cracking, peeling, or bubbling. These signs are indicators that your paint is no longer adhering to the home. Old paint can allow in moisture that may be causing issues beneath the surface. If you’re considering a new paint job, check your home for these signs of wear. And, if you’re not too certain what to look for, call Van Isle Paint for a free estimate. We would be happy to point out any areas of concern, as well as offer our advice on how to best approch the potential issues!


Faded paint can add some age to your home. The sun may be fading a particular area or side of the house. Though it isn’t a structural concern, this is when many people begin to consider a new paint job. This may also include the paint peeling, as mentioned before. When paint gets old, and is exposed to a lot of sunlight, it often causes the paint to peel or chip off in small pieces. If this isn’t dealt with, it ages the home’s exterior, and the paint chips quickly begin to make a mess of your property. Van Isle Paint offers exterior pressure wash’s of your home to remove failed paint, and create a clean surface before paint application!

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Listing the Home for Sale

When putting your home for sale on the market, some fresh new paint often adds some value to the home and gives the home more curb-appeal. A lot of potential buyers may see some of the fading or structural cracks. This sometimes causes the potential buyer to jump to the conclusion that the home isn’t well cared for. Avoid this happening and consider a new paint job before listing the home.

How Often do I need to Repaint my Home?

Here’s a guide based off exterior surfaces:

Wood Surfaces: Every 3 to 7 years.

Stucco: Every 5 to 6 years.

Aluminum Siding: Roughly every 5 years.


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