Easy Steps for Wallpaper Removal

If you currently have wallpaper on your walls and you’re ready to switch to paint, you’ve come to the right place. If your wallpaper has been there since you moved into your home or apartment, there’s a good chance it’s outdated. However, suppose the wallpaper on the walls used a glue-and-paste method. In this case, the removal won’t be quite as simple as you may have hoped. This type of wallpaper requires a proper removal process. Failing to follow the proper removal steps could end up damaging your walls, and we want to avoid that! Let’s review some easy steps to ensure your wallpaper is removed smoothly with zero damage to your walls.


Start by prepping the area you’ll be working in. First, remove everything from the walls, like hanging photos or other decorations. Then, make sure to prep your floors and walls. You can use tape to protect your baseboards and wall sockets. Blue tape can also be used to set your drop sheets or floor paper in place. Removing wallpaper can get messy sometimes, so it’s good to be prepared!

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Apply a wallpaper removing solution, make sure you follow the directions on the product. These can be purchased from a paint or department store, and lots of them have different specifications, so make sure you follow yours specifically. Once the wall has been sprayed, let it soak for approximately 10 minutes, longer or shorter depending on the product.


Next step, peeling. Once the solution has had time to soak, it’s time for the messy part. Use more solution as needed. Try to make sure you clean as you go, or the wet wallpaper can stick to surfaces, causing an even bigger mess to clean up!


Once all the wallpaper has been removed from the wall, you will likely still need to remove remaining glue residue from the walls. In some cases, the wallpaper comes off smoothly, and there is no need for excess glue removal.


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