Exterior Paint Ideas for Summer 2022

Whether it’s a quick refresh or a complete renovation, there’s nothing quite like a few coats of the perfect paint colour. Some classic combos never go out of style- But, if you’re looking to try something new that it totally on trend, then we have some suggestions for you. Over at Van Isle Paint in Victoria, BC, we guarantee these fresh colour palette’s will refresh your home’s exterior. Luckily, 2022 trends are rooted in timeless style. Classic neutrals, moody greys and blacks, and a whole spectrum of green that just feels right amongst the lush green landscape of Vancouver Island.

Warm & Welcoming Neutrals

In recent years, a bright white has stolen homeowner’s hearts- and for good reason! The right white paint can truly transform a home, inside and out. Plus, white is the natural choice for a timeless farmhouse style. In 2022, keep an eye out for warm off-whites and cozy neutral shades. Soothing and subdued hues, from an earthy taupe to a classic soft yellow, will be a very popular look for homes in the upcoming years.

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Moody Hues

Black and grey colour palettes are becoming hugely popular here on Vancouver Island. We’re seeing darker exteriors take precedent. To find a shade that strikes just the right amount of balance, look for a colour that is bold, but can also blend into the surrounding environment. When choosing a darker hue, we recommend pairing it with some light textures, such as wood or stone. This creates a warm and inviting look for the home.

Go Green

Green is no longer just for your landscape. Just as we’re seeing for interior, shades of green are trending when it comes to exterior paint palettes as well. A dark, moody hue like Sherwin Williams’ Basil SW 6194, lends itself to a palette of endless neutral hues. When included with a sharp black and white palette, Basil adds a chic edginess, that is both unexpected and appealing for an exterior. When paired with more traditional beiges, Basil becomes a naturalistic element in a colour scheme that feels organic. Find another shade of muted green, and we’re confident it will play nice with a variety of palettes.

Pale Blue Accents

Blue can do well as an accent colour to contrast with other darker or bolder colours. It has a welcoming, calming effect that we find comforting when used well. Its beauty is in keeping with its calming and relaxation. Pale blue pairs perfectly with a traditional home with beige or off-white features.


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