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The Expert Residential Painters in Victoria, BC, Preferred by Residents

When you’re looking for the best interior painters in Victoria, BC, Van Isle Paint is your trusted professional partner. With a team of fully qualified and experienced professionals, we deliver exceptional project results on time and within budget. Whether you need interior or exterior painting, you can confidently rely on Van Isle Paint to complete your project to the highest standards while offering truly competitive rates. 

Premium Quality Painting Trusted by Victoria, BC, Residents

Our clients trust us to have the skills, experience, equipment, and vision to fulfill their job requirements promptly and professionally. Once we’re done, you can expect premium results that will raise your standards for professional painting services. 

The Painters that Victoria, BC, Residents Choose Time and Time Again

When maximizing your budget is a priority, you naturally ask, “Where can I find an expert and trustworthy professional interior painter near me?” The answer is always Van Isle Paint. One of the many reasons Victoria, BC, residents prefer our interior painting services is that we use an intricate method that delivers a higher standard of thoroughness. Learn more about our work process and discover why we’re a cut above the rest: 


During our initial discussions, we’ll develop a detailed schedule for all the areas in your paint project. 

Before starting interior project work, we move any large furniture to the center of the space. 

Next, we cover any exposed furniture with plastic to protect your assets during the painting process. 

We also cover floors with drop cloths to ensure a perfect project. 


To ensure that all the space is adequately prepared for the project, we scuff-sand all walls and fill holes and cracks. 

We also caulk any trip gaps and eliminate water marks or other stains. 

If indicated, we’ll wash surfaces to ensure no debris interferes with the painting process. 

On exteriors, a power wash is completed so that the areas are clean and ready for paint. 


We prime any areas of concern prior to applying paint by spray, brush, or roller. 

We always clean cut the lines between walls and trim. 

Van Isle Paint exclusively uses premium quality paints to ensure our clients have a quality product and unparalleled longevity. 

Clean Up

Our clients know they can expect thorough work from project design to completion, and that includes cleanup! The only footprint we leave is spectacular results! Our clients don’t deal with spills, garbage, trash, leftover products, or empty containers.